For The Love of Yellow

How can I even begin to describe my love of yellow!

Yellow, the lightest hue of the color spectrum is uplifting and illuminating -  offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun and has been known to inspire original thought and inquisitive questions. 

When I paint with yellow...

I envision:  Sunshine  *  A Bright Glow  *  Sunflowers  *  Daffodils  *  Canaries  *  Ducks * Bees 

I feel:          Warmth  *  Positive Energy  *  Joy  *  Inspiration 

I crave:       Bananas  *  New yellow shoes


~ Elana Mokady, Duckling Family 

I used yellow as the primary color in my Duckling Family because it is bright, fun and inviting. This sweet colorful painting is the perfect way to bring happiness and light into your life – and the life of those you love. 

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The Sun-Day Story

When I first started sketching this piece, originally painted for Boston Children’s Hospital, all I could think about were the children and families, and care-givers it would touch every day.  

I envisioned that the colors would make their eyes dance and their hearts sing – and that they would be filled with positive thoughts of sailing to happy places and enjoying the strong energy of the sun. 

When the piece was almost finished - 4 days before it was to be delivered to the hospital, my then-one-year-old daughter decided she wanted to paint it too. She picked up a paintbrush, mixed all of the colors on my palette, and covered it with her own heart-felt inspiration. In that moment, as the paint quickly dried, I was left in a moment of despair and reflection. 

Later that evening, when my family was asleep, I could not stop thinking of the children and families who would now not be able to enjoy this colorful, uplifting piece of art. I quietly got out of bed made my way to my studio, and painted it all over again.

Once Sunny Day Sunday was complete I knew I had to dedicate this piece of art to all of the dreamers out there who know that giving up simply isn't an option. 

I smile whenever I see this painting as it reminds me of my daughter and this beautiful experience we inadvertently shared. 

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When it doubt, choose Red

How can I even begin to describe the respect I have for the color RED! 

It's no secret that red, the boldest hue of the color spectrum, can have a strong effect on people. Like a hot spice, this primary, dominant color can evoke extreme emotions, and has come to universally represent love, warmth, courage, strength, speed, action, intensity, determination, and joy. 

Artists often use red to express feelings of excitement, youthfulness and boldness in their work, and the same is true for advertisers – just think of well-known brands such as Coca-Cola or Target. 

When I paint with Red...

I envision:  * Red Roses * Tall tulips * Fall Foliage * Beetles * Dorothy's Ruby Red Shoes * Brilliant Sunsets  

I feel:       Excitement * Warmth * Bold * Bright * Joyful  

I crave:    Cherry Cordials * Bouquet of Flowers * Shoes

While every color of the rainbow has it's own powerful energy, red is the special spice in my work – just the right amount mixed with complimentary hues can make a piece of art come to life with energy and vibrancy. Red is the color of happiness that balances all of others.   

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Creating My Sports Dreams

Ever since I put pencil to canvas to create the initial sketch, my Sports Dreams painting has filled my days with bright colors and thoughts of happy playtime. 

The inspiration for this painting is a little boy I met long ago - the son of a lovely woman who commissioned me to create something spectacular for her very special baby who was born with special needs. From the moment I saw his big blue eyes I fell in love with his beautiful soul and was inspired by his unconditional love for everything that surrounded him. Our connection ignited my imagination and I began to dream of a wonderland full of sports and outdoor fun especially made for him. 

Driven by my desire to help this sweet baby boy communicate his colorful, cheerful story to his family, friends and caregivers, I began to think about exciting outdoor sports and activities that would transport him to wherever he wanted to go in life.  

Every detail and brushstroke was filled with love and positivity toward his good health and joyful growth. 

I welcome you now to experience the process of the creation of Sports Dreams: 

The original sketch

A Dream and a sketch...

Finalizing the background...  

Drafting the details...

Enjoying every minute!

Our Dreams! 

My Greatest Reward  

It was my absolute pleasure to present OUR DREAMS to this little boy and his family - like a basket full of treats. I’ll never forget his smile and the hugs I got from his parents who were glowing with joy. This, my friends, is why I paint. This is my greatest reward. Representing his dream, and my dream for him.