When it doubt, choose Red

How can I even begin to describe the respect I have for the color RED! 

It's no secret that red, the boldest hue of the color spectrum, can have a strong effect on people. Like a hot spice, this primary, dominant color can evoke extreme emotions, and has come to universally represent love, warmth, courage, strength, speed, action, intensity, determination, and joy. 

Artists often use red to express feelings of excitement, youthfulness and boldness in their work, and the same is true for advertisers – just think of well-known brands such as Coca-Cola or Target. 

When I paint with Red...

I envision:  * Red Roses * Tall tulips * Fall Foliage * Beetles * Dorothy's Ruby Red Shoes * Brilliant Sunsets  

I feel:       Excitement * Warmth * Bold * Bright * Joyful  

I crave:    Cherry Cordials * Bouquet of Flowers * Shoes

While every color of the rainbow has it's own powerful energy, red is the special spice in my work – just the right amount mixed with complimentary hues can make a piece of art come to life with energy and vibrancy. Red is the color of happiness that balances all of others.   

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