Artist & Founder

Hi, I’m Elana, two parts wife and mom, three tubes of colors, one brushstroke of gold and a pinch of glitter. I am a lover of life who feels incredibly lucky to be an artist of colorful imagery, and to inspire joyful moments in people’s lives. I believe that bright and colorful art uplifts, elevates and rewards us with smiles.

Having grown up in the former Soviet Union and Israel before moving to the US, my multicultural identity inspires me every day.

Inside my Boston-based studio, I paint optimistic originals and turn them into a variety of beautiful products on canvas, metal and paper.

I would be honored to paint something for you:-)

Masha Arbelm Operations & Marketing

Operations & Marketing

Masha Is the operations and marketing half of my creative endeavor — the one who keeps the business relationships meaningful and Insta feed colorful.

A people lover and former human resources professional, Masha left the corporate world and moved to join me on this business venture. But don’t let her buttoned-up job title fool you.

Today, I am recapturing that feeling in my colorful art and Masha, as a human resource expert, is committed to spreading this joyful and vibrant art to children's spaces, so they can feel uplifted like we were growing up.



If you’re an interior designer, art consultant, health organization or a brand looking to collaborate, I would LOVE to speak with you about bringing your vision to life. Email Me Right This Minute