For The Love of Yellow

How can I even begin to describe my love of yellow!

Yellow, the lightest hue of the color spectrum is uplifting and illuminating -  offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun and has been known to inspire original thought and inquisitive questions. 

When I paint with yellow...

I envision:  Sunshine  *  A Bright Glow  *  Sunflowers  *  Daffodils  *  Canaries  *  Ducks * Bees 

I feel:          Warmth  *  Positive Energy  *  Joy  *  Inspiration 

I crave:       Bananas  *  New yellow shoes


~ Elana Mokady, Duckling Family 

I used yellow as the primary color in my Duckling Family because it is bright, fun and inviting. This sweet colorful painting is the perfect way to bring happiness and light into your life – and the life of those you love. 

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