Creating My Sports Dreams

Ever since I put pencil to canvas to create the initial sketch, my Sports Dreams painting has filled my days with bright colors and thoughts of happy playtime. 

The inspiration for this painting is a little boy I met long ago - the son of a lovely woman who commissioned me to create something spectacular for her very special baby who was born with special needs. From the moment I saw his big blue eyes I fell in love with his beautiful soul and was inspired by his unconditional love for everything that surrounded him. Our connection ignited my imagination and I began to dream of a wonderland full of sports and outdoor fun especially made for him. 

Driven by my desire to help this sweet baby boy communicate his colorful, cheerful story to his family, friends and caregivers, I began to think about exciting outdoor sports and activities that would transport him to wherever he wanted to go in life.  

Every detail and brushstroke was filled with love and positivity toward his good health and joyful growth. 

I welcome you now to experience the process of the creation of Sports Dreams: 

The original sketch

A Dream and a sketch...

Finalizing the background...  

Drafting the details...

Enjoying every minute!

Our Dreams! 

My Greatest Reward  

It was my absolute pleasure to present OUR DREAMS to this little boy and his family - like a basket full of treats. I’ll never forget his smile and the hugs I got from his parents who were glowing with joy. This, my friends, is why I paint. This is my greatest reward. Representing his dream, and my dream for him. 

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