Seeds Of Life Original Canvas Wall Art

Seeds Of Life, Original Wall Art

$ 2,200.00

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This product is no longer available.

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Turn any blank wall into a magical wonderland with Seeds of Life, a brightly colored world filled with bubbles, balloons, flowers and friendship. Flowers are a major theme in my work, not just because the colors and smells make me smile from ear to ear, but because to me, flowers represent life. And kids? They’re seeds in need of nurturing. You and I are here to help them bloom into kind souls with big hearts and curious minds. From the swirling sun and blue trees to the purple patches of field, this painting looks at life through the eyes of carefree children who still have nothing but goodness, optimism, acceptance and joy in their hearts. We can learn so much from our children, if we let them teach us.

An original Elana Mokady painting is designed to bring color and joy into your home…and into your life.

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